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How about getting tens of thousands of dollars more in your pocket when you sell your house? If that's what you want, make sure to spend next five minutes on this page and knowing important trade secrets in house selling!

Home sellers have to ask themselves two most important questions:

1. How to sell and get top dollars?
Exposure, Exposure, Exposure! Let as many potential buyers know your house as possible, esp. serious and qualified buyers. Besides, you or someone else on your behalf have to know the market, have sales technique and negotiation skills, plus be aware of all the details, potential traps and legal issues in a real estate transaction.

2. How much will it cost to get top dollars?
No matter how good something is, if it costs too much, it's not a good deal (or shall we say "good sell" here). The cost not only includes money, but also your time & effort, which are valuable resources too.

Before get into the answer part, let’s look at some statistics first. According to market data, 80% buyers purchase their houses with the help of a realtor, while 15% build new, and remaining 5% buy without a representative. Please bear these numbers in mind whenever consider the exposure issue, which is the No.1 factor in how much your house will be sold assuming other physical factors remain the same.

So how to sell?

Option 1: FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
Pro: Very low cost on fees
Con: Low exposure to buyers, esp. serious and qualified ones, e.g. company transfers, for those buyers usually have no time or need to play FSBO game and they use realtors. Unfortunately, realtors don't like to deal with FSBO due to its uncertainty, increased complexity and higher liabilities. Most of the time those buyers who look at FSBO are bargain-finders not willing to pay good or even reasonable prices. Besides high demand on sellers' own time and effort, there are also security risks and other liability concerns.

Option 2: Ordinary Realtor Services
Pro: High exposure to buyers, esp. serious and qualified ones. Low cost on seller’s own time, effort and less risk or liabilities.
Con: High cost on commissions, esp. if you have an expensive house, for most of those agents charge a certain percentage of the house price as their commissions.

Option 3: Full Service Discount Realty - HomeRebate
Pro: High exposure to buyers, esp. serious and qualified ones. Low cost on seller’s own time, effort and less risk or liabilities. Low discounted listing fee.
Con: Haven’t figured this out yet.

In Summary:
Options Level of Exposure Buyer Quality Fees Seller time, effort, risk and liability
FSBO Low Low Low High
Ordinary Realtor High High High Low
HomeRebate® Realtor High High Low Low

What about other options like “exclusive” or “deep low fee” listings, which claim that sellers can save 50% or more on commissions?
Good question! They sound great, right? Wrong! Because the exposure in these cases is actually not any better than FSBO, esp. to serious and qualified buyers. One has to look under the surface to get the whole picture here. How can they achieve so-called “deep low fee”? For they offer such a low commission (zero in "exclusive" cases) to buyers' representatives that no other agent would deal with these listings at all. For comparison, we only cut down our own listing fees and always recommend paying buyer’s realtor a decent fee, so that all other agents will be happy to show and sell your house. Put yourself into realtors' shoes - Do you like to show a house that may pay you $700 down the road, while there is a similar house steps down the road that will pay you $8,000 for the same work? As a result, houses listed with these two options perform similar as FSBO, and sellers will still have to pay thousands to their agents. Once consumers knew these facts, it’ll be totally beyond us to understand why anyone would choose these worst options.

Why do we tell you all these details and trade secrets? For your house is your most important asset and we care! You’d better get it right on how and with whom to sell. Only when you are educated on this matter, can you make a smart choice, which is certainly the HomeRebate®.

By the way, to make it easier for you, we can provide all these options, such as FSBO, traditional full commission, deep low fee or exclusive listing services, even though all our clients chose HomeRebate® way so far. What you need to do is to pick up the phone and call us.

Calgary Area Telephone: (403) 612-1245
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