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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:
01. What do you mean "Home Rebate, Save BIG - Guaranteed"?
02. Is the amount I can save/make fixed?
03. How can you afford to provide such good deal?

First of all, client initiative and cooperation saves us lots of time and effort. We also benefit from increased business volume. Next, our clients don’t shoulder any loss caused by those fifty-houses-no-purchase people, for we keep those “bad apples” out and work with serious and committed clients only. We reward our good clients instead of punishing them as others do. Last but not least, we run a tight ship. Almost every dollar goes into services directly, instead of wasting on excessive ads, hot air balloons or highly paid executives. We spare no effort to cut down expenses. That's also part of the reason why we encourage using home offices instead of renting expensive office buildings. We know that spacious offices look good, but consumers have to pick up the price tag at the end. Let us know your opinion. If enough of our clients prefer to meet us at an office building for a higher fee, we can certainly do that.

04. What you offer is too good to miss. It must be good for everyone, right? (The answer is NO!)
05. Should I use your service if I am not sure whether I am a “good client” or not?
06. How much do you charge for your services?
07. Where do you offer this service now? Is it available in my city?
08. I agree that using your service can save me lots of money. What do you mean “save time”?
09. I agree that using your service can save my time and money. What do you mean “save environment”?

Buyer Questions:
10. How can I save/make money as a buyer?
11. Is there any other benefits by using HomeRebate®?
12. How to save/make more?
13. What if I spend too much time buying a home?
14. What if I am a first time buyer and do not know much about real estate?
15. What is Buyer Brokerage Contract?
16. How does Buyer Brokerage Contract benefit a buyer?
17. Can I get HomeRebate® without signing Buyer Brokerage Contract?
18. What is the retaining fee / "fee deposit" for?
19. Do you have any Warranty or Guarantee for your services?
20. Can I still buy FSBO after signing up with you?
21. How does it work for new homes / builders?
22. I am so excited! What to do next?

Seller Questions:
23. How can I save/make money as a seller?
24. What is the most effective way to sell my home?
25. What about FSBO (For Sale By Owner)?
26. What is the "Buyer’s Agent Commission” and how much should it be?
27. Can I still sell my home by myself while it is listed on the MLS?
28. Do you provide free CMA (Comparative Market price Analysis) etc. like others do?
29. What distinguishes you from other Brokers / Realtors?
30. What kind of advertising do you do to sell homes?
31. Do you do open houses?
32. Do I have to buy through you in order to get the low listing fee?
33. What is the price that I shall list my home for?

Calgary Area Telephone: (403) 612-1245
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* Commission are not fixed or set by law. Any estimate of HomeRebate amount, or comparison to a percentage commission, such as 7% on first $100,000 and 3% on balance, are for illustration and comparison purposes only. Also for same purposes, it's assumed an average Calgary home for sale priced at $400,000. All 3rd party names, including REALTOR®, MLS® and others are Trademarks of their respective TM owners. REALTOR® is a Registered Trademark Belonging to the National Association of REALTORS® HomeRebate Realty may change promotion or rate at any time without notice. Some conditions apply. Final details can be found in written service agreements.