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Most home buyers realize that to protect their interests, they should have their own realtor. A buyer who relies on the seller's agent does not receive the same degree of protection or representation. Why? Just think about it. The seller's realtor knew the seller for months or years and you just called in this afternoon. When there is conflict of interest which is almost guaranteed to happen, whom do you think the agent will lean to? For this reason and to protect homebuyers, it is illegal for realtors to represent both buyer and seller in many jurisdictions.

The right way is to let us become your dedicated Buyer's Agent. Put our experience and enthusiasm to work for you! Who do we represent? You and only you! That is, we represent you and protect only your interest in the purchase.

At HomeRebate®, we encourage potential clients to compare what kind of services they can expect from us, or from somebody else. We provide you with solid data & direct client references on what kind of great work we do and great deals we get for our clients.

With HomeRebate®, homebuyers can enjoy friendly, loyal & worry-free services, plus cash reward starting from Minimum $1,000 Guaranteed. Nevertheless, the rebate itself is only a tiny part of all benefits for you, comparing with the highest level professional services & the system-backed way to make realtor work harder without any second thought. As a result, you will buy your dream home at the lowest possible price, with you in total control, and realtor's full-hearted help & support, plus sweet cash HomeRebate®.

Why do we claim that with confidence? The answer lies in the HomeRebate® system itself, which is not only proven much more superior in the theory but also by numerous real life buyer experiences.

First, the theory. Why so many homebuyers complain that their realtors push them hard, become impatient, not negotiate the best price & conditions for them, or even not disclose important information about the house, community or market? Realtors are not supposed to do that according to their rules & regulations, right? Sure, there are rules & regulations. However, no matter how good those rules read, realtors are still only human like everyone else, who is always driven by two most important factors pecuniarily - fear & greed. What do realtors fear the most? They fear that the buyer will abandon them, buy through another realtor from next open house, or that FSBO down the road. How to avoid that? The answer is to push a buyer into a purchase ASAP. Only then, it becomes a done deal. That is also why many realtors are afraid to fight hard for their clients during negotiation, for a hard negotiation can result in either a good deal or a broken deal. With the latter, who knows what the client is going to do next. Fear factor kicks in again. Then there is always greed. A commission is usually tied to the house price, no matter the buyer bought the first house or the thousandth showed down the road. The sooner one buys, the better for the realtor.

With HomeRebate®, we the realtor and you the buyer committed to each other from the very beginning based on mutual understanding and trust. Appreciation replaces the fear. Plus, the special rebate based on real time serviced removes any greed part of the formula. We give the control totally back to you. If we find a good house and a great deal fast, congratulations for the good buy & a bigger rebate cheque. If you want to take your time and keep on looking for better ones out there, that's fine too, you are always protected by our Guaranteed Minimum Rebate.

Next, real stories. Just have a look at some of our recent service records below, which show with solid data what kind of great deals we got for Calgary homebuyers. Clients?names, street numbers and contact information are not published here to protect privacy. However, all our clients enjoyed our services and are usually willing to provide references. Furthermore, we will even provide you with all the details on how we achieved those huge savings and great deals for our buyers. We will be glad to give you those details and any specific client's contact, however, only on your direct request and with our client's approval. For that part contains lots of trade secrets and private information. Enjoy reading & comparing!

# Property Date Market Value Paid Saved + Rebate
1 Hampstead Rise NW May, 2007 $810,000 $790,000 $20,000 $27,500
2 Kincora HT NW Jun, 2007 $610,000 $602,000 $8,000 $14,000
3 Edgewood Rise NW Jun, 2007 $385,000 $362,000 $23,000 $25,500
4 MT Aberdeen GV SE Dec, 2007 $386,000 $356,000 $30,000 $31,000
5 Aspen Estate Jun, 2008 $871,500 $750,000 $121,500 $130,766
6 Royal Birch TC NW Jul, 2008 $390,000 $357,000 $33,000 $36,141
7 Panamount VI NW Dec, 2008 $478,000 $452,000 $26,000 $28,000
** Great deals don't just fall down from the sky. Actually they don't come easy. It requires patience, hard work and sometimes a little bit of luck. If you like, please read further to get more background stories behind these great deals. Please also keep in mind a great deal has its own circumstance and specific time period. Market goes up and down. A good deal today may seem like a bad deal 3-month down the road. A bad deal last year may become a great deal on today's market. The market trend is a totally different topic than what we are discussing here, which is to get the best deal for our clients at the specific time when a purchase happens.

Want to figure out how much HomeRebate® you can make/save? The table below can give you some brief ideas. Also keep in mind these are cash saving amount, which usually worth 1.5 times more than any other incomes.

House Price Maximum HomeRebate®*** For You
$300,000 $1,200
$400,000 $2,700
$600,000 $5,700
$800,000 $8,700
$1,000,000 $11,700
*** Assuming 14-hour of services, which may increase based on actual usage. Rate may change without notice & can be found on your service contract.

The HomeRebate® is our special gift/bonus to our loyal clients; please don't take it for granted. As a buyer, you have the option to be our first-class client by signing a standard Buyer Brokerage Contract and a unique HomeRebate® document during or before the 1st showing. Please be aware that this opportunity is NOT offered after the 1st showing.. For clients who don't sign up for HomeRebate, we may still be happy to offer you top services, however, without the bonus HomeRebate®.

Contact us now and let us start working together to get your dream home at the best price plus a sweet HomeRebate®.

Calgary Area Telephone: (403) 612-1245
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