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Our rebate program applies to new home constructions with most of the builders. In many cases, rebate to new home buyers are even more sweeter than used homes, for it usually takes us much less time to help a new home buyer.

In some months, we actually helped our buyers purchase more new homes than MLS listings, for there were sometimes good deals from Calgary home builders, due to specific economical, financial and market situations.

In order for us to be paid a commission and in turn pay you a rebate, it is IMPERATIVE that HomeRebate Realty be your “registered” Realtor with the builder. We MUST accompany you when you first visit a builder or builder’s show home, and handle this registration in person. You can visit the same community later on without us. However, we MUST also be present before you do a lot deposit or enter into a contract.

There is an easier way that usually works. If for some reason you have to view show homes without our accompany at the very beginning, just make sure that you do NOT sign any register paper or leave your name & contact number. You can still feel free to ask for new home models, prices and lots availability. If the builder's sales asks, just tell him/her that you have your own Realtor. Once you know which one you like the most, call us & we can jump in to do the registration for you. This way can be more convenient for you and even make you a sweeter rebate cheque. However, we can't guarantee that every builder accept this way, for the official way is always to let us do the initial introduction with you.

In summary, for any new home that will be built in Calgary, we can give you the lowest price. Contact us now and let us start working together to build your dream home & enjoy a multi-thousand-dollar's HomeRebate®.

Calgary Area Telephone: (403) 612-1245
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